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System Requirements

If You're a Course Developer ...

If you're a course developer, there are no specific system requirements for you to develop LM-Light compatible courses.

You can develop courses using a text editor, PowerPoint, your favorite authoring tool ... the only requirement is that you're able to edit HTML files and add appropriate LM-Light tags.

As a course developer, you don't need to use any scripting language at all. However, if you wish to use a scripting language in order to include interactivity within a course, you can use any client-side language (e.g. JavaScript, Java, Flash). And the courses that you develop can be viewed independently of a Learning Management System (LMS).

For more details, see the section on Courses.

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If You're Developing a Learning Management System ...

Although the LM-Light tags will appear familiar to anyone who uses PHP, the LM-Light standard doesn't require you to support PHP, and an LM-Light compatible can use any language that you wish (PHP, VB.NET, C++, perl, Python ...).

There are no operating system limitations imposed by the LM-Light standard.

For more details, see the section on Learning Management Systems.

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