LM-Light: A New E-Learning Standard
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The LM-Light Standard
 - Course Structure
 - LM-Light Tags
 - Starting a Course
 - On Each Page
 - Exiting a Course
 - Starting a Test
 - Saving a Test Score
 - Course Completion
 - Configuration File

Course Development
 - Development Environment
 - Using a Text Editor
 - Including Tests
 - Using PowerPoint
    - Option 1 - PDF
    - Option 2 - GIF/JPG
    - Option 3 - HTML
 - Using Lectora
 - Download Tools
 - Diagnosing Problems

Home Page

Introduction to Developing Courses

In order to create a course that can run within a LM-Light compatible Learning Management System (LMS), you simply need to be able to create (or modify) HTML files to include LM-Light tags. These tags communicate information to the LMS including:

  • whether a page is to be bookmarked;
  • when a test is being started;
  • what the test score was; and
  • whether the course is complete.
As long as you can use a text editor or your authoring tool to insert these tags, you're going to have no trouble in creating LM-Light compatible courses!


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