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The LM-Light Standard
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Course Development
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    - Option 1 - PDF
    - Option 2 - GIF/JPG
    - Option 3 - HTML
 - Using Lectora
 - Download Tools
 - Diagnosing Problems

Home Page

LM-Light Standard : Creating Courses : Starting a Course

Courses are started by the LMS. The only requirement placed on the course developer is that there must be a file called 'index.html' or 'index.htm' in the top folder/directory to act as the default first page. The name of this file is case sensitive - it must be in lower case i.e. index.htm rather than INDEX.HTM

Often, the index.htm(l) page is not displayed to the student. Instead, it's used to redirect the student's browser to the real first page. You could do this using something like this HTML code:

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; URL=./page1/page.html">

where './page1/page.html' is the (relative) URL for the real first page. This is a very useful technique if you've constructed your course with individual pages in subfolders/subdirectories within the main course folder/directory.


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