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LM-Light Standard : Creating Courses : Course Completion

When a course has been completed, you should indicate this to the LMS. The course completion condition isn't specified by the LM-Light standard - it is entirely under the control of the course developer. For example, it might be dependent on any one of the following:

  • a mastery test being passed successfully;
  • the student simply viewing the final page of the course; or
  • the student clicking on a button or link to indicate agreement.

The completion status is set using the following LM-Light call:

<?php LMsetCourseComplete(); ?>


This is a course where completion simply means that the final page has been viewed:

<?php require "LM-Light.php"; ?>
<?php LMsetCourseComplete(); ?>
  <title>Page 3</title>
<body bgcolor="#ffffff">

<p><a href="2.html">Go Back to Page 2</a>
<p>This is Page 3 so the course is now complete.



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